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LB's Portrait turned out to be EPIC!

I Commissioned A Portrait of My Son, and it is Epic!

By: , July 31st, 2015. Posted in: Happiness, Parenting

A Photo + A Skilled Artist = One Of A Kind Awesome

If you’ve been to an amusement park or county fair, you’ve probably seen a caricature artist hawking their wares.  Well, maybe “hawking” is wrong.  I’ve never actually seen even the …

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IMG_20150727_130214609 (1)

10 Ways To Improve Family Finances: Living On One Income

By: , July 27th, 2015. Posted in: Happiness, Money

How we were able to take the leap from a double income family to a single income family.

Leaving my steady-income accounting career was incredibly scary to consider.  For most of my working life, I’ve been someone else’s employee.  It’s what most families know.  Before Jason lost …

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Safety Tip:  When helicopter parenting, avoid doing so at the base of the slide.

Helicopter Parent?

By: , July 20th, 2015. Posted in: News, Parenting

I Consider Myself More of A Dirigible Parent

My number one goal when I’m playing with my son is that he survives daily peril with no permanent damage.  He’s just over two years-old, so he actively seeks out …

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LB sees the Safari Train approaching

Our Milwaukee County Zoo Adventure

By: , July 17th, 2015. Posted in: Happiness, Parenting, Travel

The largest zoo in Wisconsin is a big win for family-friendly day trips.

I must admit, now that we have two children, leaving the house for a full day trip to the zoo can seem a tad daunting unless Jason and I are …

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This Dumb Contest

By: , July 14th, 2015. Posted in: Happiness, Money

What Were We Thinking?

I’m going to share something with you that doesn’t make me feel good.  It’s something that happens to a lot of businesses which run contests, but few will ever talk …

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The Stephens Family in Black and White - Photo Credit Ilana Natasha Photography

Gray Areas of Parenting

By: , July 13th, 2015. Posted in: Happiness, Parenting

Raising a family cannot be done in black and white.

Take a good look at the black and white photo at the top of this post.  In basic terms, this is a picture of my family posing and smiling for …

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He's charming and travels well.  I'll accept the occasional melt-down.

A Stranger Tickling My Child Doesn’t Tickle Me

By: , June 29th, 2015. Posted in: Parenting

Finding the Balance Between Sensible Caution and Overreaction

I really love running errands with Little Boy.  Whether it’s a trip across town or a quick jaunt to the grocery store over the hill, he’s my favorite travel companion.  …

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Eleven weeks and 25 pounds down!

Flip This Diet – Episode 5

By: , June 28th, 2015. Posted in: Happiness, Health

Weight Loss Plateau

This Monday marks eleven weeks of dietary change – and I’m really happy with where I am so far.  I’ve lost a total of 25 pounds (about 2.2 pounds per …

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This is what winning looks like.
Photo Credit Ilana Natasha Photography

Christmas In July!

By: , June 21st, 2015. Posted in: Contests & Giveaways

Every Friday in July, we are giving away a $100 gift card to Target!

We think that there’s no better day than the Summer Solstice to announce our very exciting Summer Giveaway!  It’s Christmas in July!!!

Every Friday in July 2015, we are giving away …

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The first time LB visited Chris at the office.

10 Things I’ll Miss About Being a Working Mom

By: , June 16th, 2015. Posted in: Happiness, Money, Parenting

Hey, mom! Working outside the home has benefits other than a pay check.

There are pros and cons to every possible decision.  Breastfeeding or formula?  Cloth or disposable diapers?  Stay at home or working mom?  While these …

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