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breakfast (eggs, sausage, broccoli, pinto beans), lunch (italian wedding soup, chicken salad wraps, cottage cheese), a snack (saag paneer), and dinner (a hamburger patty w/ mushrooms and bacon, black beans, kimchee, and avocado).

Flip This Diet – Episode 2

By: , April 24th, 2015. Posted in: Happiness, Health, News

The Slow Carb Flipping Has Begun!

Flipping this diet has begun!  But before we get to the good stuff, let me explain a few things.

First, you may notice that my timelines are two weeks between …

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The first time Chris met LB.

Cesarean: Just Another C-Word

By: , April 22nd, 2015. Posted in: Happiness, Health, Parenting

Challenging the taboo of c-section births.

Today is my nineteenth day of healing from my second c-section surgery.  I am mentally feeling more like myself and the wound in my abdomen has become tolerable without pain medication.  I still …

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Cream of Cabbage Soup

Cream of Cabbage Soup

By: , April 17th, 2015. Posted in: Recipes

A childhood favorite.

When I was a little girl, my mom used to make this soup.  I’m sure she probably started making it because the ingredients were cheap and easy to find, but …

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Star Wars Figurines

I Let My Son Play With Boba Fett

By: , April 15th, 2015. Posted in: Parenting

A meditation on toddler impulse control and sharing your childhood toys with your kids

Let me start by admitting I lied (and I’m sorry).  I know the headline states, “I Let My Son Play With Boba Fett”, but I wasn’t fortunate enough as a …

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Big Belly aside, tackling pain and discomfort is my first challenge.

Flip This Diet – Week 1

By: , April 10th, 2015. Posted in: Happiness, Health

Let's Do Something About This Inflammation

When I began writing this post (April 2nd), my weight was 265 pounds.  It was the most I’ve ever weighed, but moreover, the most uncomfortable I’ve ever been.  In the …

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Diaper Quest – Where to Buy Diapers and Wipes

By: , April 8th, 2015. Posted in: Money, Parenting

A detailed cost analysis on the best places to buy diapers and wipes.

To follow up on my post about switching to disposable diapers, I did some of my own research on the best places to buy …

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Blueberry Mini Loaves

Blueberry Mini Loaves

By: , April 3rd, 2015. Posted in: Recipes

A moist and delicious quick bread recipe filled with loads of blueberry goodness.

This easy blueberry loaf recipe is great for a weekend breakfast with the family.  What I love most is how quickly I can whip up a batch, because it only takes …

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My real reward is getting to enter all of these codes.

Your New Job: Huggies Data Entry

By: , April 1st, 2015. Posted in: Happiness, Money, Parenting

There Are More Rewarding Things

You won’t remember applying for the position, nor does your resume boast accomplishments in the field, but somehow, you will land the job.

On the up-side, it’s only part-time, you’ll …

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Inspiring Fun!

Weekly Out of the Box Games Giveaway

By: , March 27th, 2015. Posted in: Contests & Giveaways

Win a family-fun board or card game from the creators of Snake Oil

If you already have a game-loving family (or would like to start down that path), then you’re definitely in the right place.  Just fill out the form to enter to …

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Snake Oil - The Card Game

Review of the Snake Oil Card Game

By: , March 27th, 2015. Posted in: Reviews

A Dash of Creativity, Gallons of Laughter

I’ll start this review by explaining that Out of the Box Games (creators/purveyors of the Snake Oil card game) are By the Seat of Our Pants giveaway sponsors, and I’ve …

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