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Who we are, and why we started this blog.

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This was our “About Us” page from launch until our first blogiversary.

Jason:  Most people are familiar with the idea of flipping properties.  The concept is that there’s a house that’s been neglected, and someone swoops in, fixes it up, and then sells it for a profit.  These property flippers are all about minimum effort, maximum gain.  They approach a potential investment from a position of logic, not emotion.  And they probably have only a few questions in mind:

  1. What’s wrong with the place?
  2. What do I need to do to fix it up?
  3. If everything works out, what’s in it for me?

Chris:  So, when we say we’re flipping our lives, we’re looking at ourselves the same way a property flipper looks at a house.  What’s wrong here?  What do we need to do to fix those issues?  What does success look like?

Jason:  This blog will take you through our journey to identify issues that stifle our happiness, like our need to lose weight and increase our fitness, working through parenting challenges, and saving more/spending less.  We’ll lay out our plan for repairing and improving those issues, and do it in such a way that others who are facing those same challenges might find great ideas for solving those problems (or just comfort, knowing they aren’t alone).  And finally, we’ll share the things we’re doing to enjoy our newly “flipped” lives!  Stories, reviews, recipes, and plenty of useful information for parents and non-parents alike.

Chris:  Another concept we talk about a lot is the “Gray Area”.  In the last several years, there’s been a marked increase in internet-based aggressiveness around the sharing of ideas.  Everyone thinks their way is “right”, while everyone else is “wrong”.  You see the problem here.  People seem to form an opinion, take a stand, and then fight all opinions which differ from their own.  I’ve been guilty of that myself.  The indisputable fact is that there’s no “black & white” to most issues.  Breastfeeding vs. formula.  Cloth diapers or disposables.  How to discipline your kids.  Are two cars a necessity?  How much is too much screen-time?  When is the best time to potty-train?  Well, before LB was born, we had all of these issues solved.  We knew exactly which answer was best!

Jason:  Living in the midst of it now, we’ve learned that there’s a gray area in parenting.  You can have an ideal in mind, and you can have methods or ideas you swear you won’t explore, but consider all your acceptable options.  Be willing to try things, learn about your options, and be easy on yourself for needing to make an adjustment.

Chris:  The final piece of our blog is us!  Jason and I were in the same graduating class in High School, and while we knew each other, we didn’t run in the same circles.  I honestly don’t know if we ever said more than a couple of words to one another.

Jason:  After graduating in 1992, we went off to make our lives.  Chris wound up working in property management accounting, I found my way into a career in radio and improvised comedy.  We both married people we met along the way.

Fast forward fifteen years or so, and Chris’ marriage had ended, and mine was coming to an end.  Neither of us had children in those relationships.  It was about this time that we happened to connect online (on MySpace, of all places).  Since high school, we had both changed quite a lot, and we found that we were incredibly compatible.

Chris:  We wanted to have children, and I knew my biological clock was ticking.  However, like many families, we weren’t able to conceive as quickly as we had planned.  Then, just when we began to give up hope, we learned I was pregnant with our son.  What a wonderful surprise that was!

Jason: We had already started making a few changes to our life, due to losing my job as a morning radio DJ earlier that same year and starting my home voice over business.  But the news that we were to become parents was our catalyst for much larger changes.

Chris:  Our son, LB, was born in April of 2013 when I was the ripe young age of 39. Which, consequently, earned me the label of “elderly” in the medical community.  (More on that in a separate post.)  In spite of all the parental research, we had absolutely no idea what we were doing with a new baby.  But, like most new parents, we figured it out along the way.  By the seat of our pants, you might say.  As proof, our son is still alive, happy, and healthy.

After a (much too short) maternity leave, I returned to my full-time job as a Senior Accountant.  Our family has been fortunate enough to avoid paid child care, because Jason is a Stay Home Dad and handles the majority of his business in the evening after I get home from work.  The arrangement has worked for us, but as Jason’s business gets busier, the possibility of needing supplemental child care has grown.

Jason:  As of writing this post, we are expecting our second child, a daughter (LG), in early April.  We definitely see the writing on the wall.  A newborn?  Plus a toddler?  Plus a growing home business?  Plus a mother who can’t bear to be away from her children every day?  This will be challenging.

Photo Credit Ilana Natasha Photography

Photo Credit Ilana Natasha Photography

Looking back at the last five years, we’ve had plenty of successes.  Three years ago, we were a dual-income family with no kids.  We’re now going to get a look at life after forty, with a newborn and a toddler.   We have to tackle our challenges head-on, or risk deeper waters later.  Will I have to make changes to my already hectic schedule to accommodate caring for the kids and working?  Will we have to make more sacrifices to increase our childcare options?  Can we find the resolve to stick to a budget?  Can Chris quit swearing?  And then there’s the sleep deprivation

Chris:  That’s where this blog comes in.  We’re just going to live our life with purpose, and share as much as we can for your enjoyment.  Our hope is that our blood, sweat, tears, and laughter will also help someone else. Thank you for visiting our page.  We hope you’ll like it.

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