Baby’s First Two Years – How Many Diapers Do I Need?

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If you've ever wondered how many diapers you'll need in the first two years of your baby's life, this post is for YOU!

A few months back, I investigated disposable diaper and wipe prices at major retailers’ so that I could find out how much money new parents would spend on them.  The original blog post included an analysis with regular pricing details for the most common brand names as well as an educated guess of how many diapers and wipes would be used during baby’s first two years.  After countless hours of research and meticulous spreadsheet tweaking, the result was a massive price analysis. I had spent so much time on it, that I was absolutely certain it would go viral. I mean, people who are having a baby (and planning to use disposables) need this information.

Now, I realize getting this information to people who need it isn’t as simple as it might seem.  I also realize that while I may be a super-duper-spreadsheet-geek, not everyone processes information that way.  The original price comparison was a bit intense, with four pages of data to comb through.  If that’s up your alley, you can find it here.  Otherwise, I have simplified the results for you below.

These price calculations are dependent on where and how you buy, and what style of diapers and wipes you choose.  For more details about where to buy, go to the original post here.  Please note that you could technically spend less if there are store discounts or if you have coupons.  Amounts are for baby’s first two years.

  • Huggies Regular Prices (Total for 1st 2 Years) – $1,144 to $1,880
  • Pampers Regular Prices (Total for 1st 2 Years) – $1,215 to $1,821
  • Store Brand Regular Prices (Total for 1st 2 Years) – $846 to $1,145
  • Number of Diapers (Total for 1st 2 Years) – 5,400
  • Number of Wipes (Total for 1st 2 Years) – 12,240

You may notice my calculations result in the number of diapers you’ll need for the “average” baby, but what about your baby?  If you’d like to get slightly more precise with your diaper-buying estimate, check out, which uses CDC data in conjunction with your baby’s current weight to figure out his/her likely weight and diaper size at different points in the future.  It’s pretty cool.

Number of Diapers & Wipes


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