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5 Glaring Differences Between a First and Second Pregnancy

By: , March 10th, 2015. Posted in: Happiness, Health, Parenting

Observations of a second time pregnant mama.

As happy as I look in these photos, and I am happy…very happy…I am not a person who loves being pregnant.  Not at all.  Aside from how cool it is …

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Two Year Old Birthday Party – Keeping it Simple

By: , February 27th, 2015. Posted in: Happiness, Parenting

A lazy parent's guide to planning a toddler birthday party.

Our LB will be two at the end of April, and his baby sister is due to be born via scheduled c-section just a few weeks prior.  Because this will …

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The 5 Streaming Programs That Made Me a Better Parent (I Think)

By: , February 25th, 2015. Posted in: Parenting

Turning toddler screen time into a learning experience for parents.

Being the youngest of three boys, growing up in a somewhat sparsely populated rural setting, I had literally no exposure to babies or toddlers until my son was born.  Because …

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Time to Curtail the Cursing

By: , February 18th, 2015. Posted in: Happiness, Parenting

Okay. I confess. This mommy has a swearing problem, and I'm not proud of it.

I learned about swear words from an early age.  During my first few weeks of Kindergarten, my parents were summoned into a meeting because of my very inappropriate, although accurate, account of …

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Maternity Photo

My Elderly Pregnancy

By: , February 13th, 2015. Posted in: Health, Parenting

Listen up, medical community.  I have a question that needs an answer, and a problem that needs a solution.

Exactly how old is “elderly”?  When I looked it up in the dictionary, I found it defined as “of advanced age” or “old”.  According the Social Security Administration, a woman …

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This Daddy Stayed Home

By: , February 11th, 2015. Posted in: Happiness, Money, Parenting

The Incredible Experience of Being a Stay-Home Dad

When I lost my morning radio show job in January of 2012, I felt quite lost.  Being in radio as long as I had (18 years), I had developed a …

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Diary of a Working Mom

By: , February 11th, 2015. Posted in: Happiness, Money, Parenting

My first born arrived in 2013 at the end of April and changed my working life forever.

June 14th, 2013 – My maternity leave is passing too quickly and I feel so many feelings.  I’m happy to be home with my baby boy and Jason right now, but also …

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