So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Good Night

By: , March 10th, 2017. Posted in: Happiness, Health, Money, Musings, Parenting, Travel

A final farewell from By The Seat of Our Pants.

Dearest Readers,

You may have noticed I haven’t been very active on the blog over the last year.  In fact, the last time I posted anything at all was last August. …

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minnesota children's museum, family photo

Play More at Minnesota Children’s Museum

By: , November 4th, 2015. Posted in: Happiness, Travel

An oasis of family-friendly fun in the heart of Saint Paul, Minnesota!

We started the day with a large breakfast in our hotel room. Since the Museum was only a twenty minute drive from our hotel (and we managed to make the …

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Road Trips Change After You Have Kids

We Wrote A Guest Post…

By: , October 23rd, 2015. Posted in: Musings, Parenting, Travel

...about how road trips change after you have kids.

After our recent road trip to the Twin Cities, we teamed up with our friends, Ryan & Kindra, over at Love & Adventure (a really super awesome travel …

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Family Road Trip Packing List

By: , September 27th, 2015. Posted in: Happiness, Parenting, Travel

Preparing for a family road trip doesn't have to be stressful, if you have a plan and a good packing list.

Our family of four recently went on a six day road trip to the Twin Cities, MN.   Preparation had taken days, and was more stressful than it needed to be (thanks to …

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Review of Nickelodeon Universe at Mall of America

By: , September 24th, 2015. Posted in: Reviews, Travel

Toddler Tuesday and Off-Peak Season Fun

When you think about fun stuff for a two year old kid to do, you might not think roller coasters fit the bill (and for the most part, they don’t).  …

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How To Prevent And Prepare For Childhood Car Sickness

By: , September 20th, 2015. Posted in: Health, Parenting, Travel

Childhood car sickness can be difficult to prevent, but there are ways to minimize the risk, and prepare yourself for clean-up.

The first time LB got sick in the car, he was just over two years old, and we were totally unprepared.  We were on our way to the …

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Our Day Of Play At The Minnesota Zoo

By: , September 20th, 2015. Posted in: Happiness, Parenting, Travel

This zoo shines with it's nature-themed play spaces.

Our family recently embarked on a 270 mile road trip from our home in Madison to the Twin Cities.  Because we were traveling with our two small children (LB is 2 …

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Our Milwaukee County Zoo Adventure

By: , July 17th, 2015. Posted in: Happiness, Parenting, Travel

The largest zoo in Wisconsin is a big win for family-friendly day trips.

I must admit, now that we have two children, leaving the house for a full day trip to the zoo can seem a tad daunting unless Jason and I are …

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