Tales Of The Shrinking Belly: Chapter Three ~ The Whole 30 ~ Days 11 – 20

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There's no turning back now.

Protein. Protein. Protein.

Here we are in the middle of our personal Whole 30, and we’re pretty happy with the results.  In fact, we’ve been rocking our plan in spite of a family illness.  All four of us have been sick with a horrible respiratory virus for the entire ten days represented in this post (and we aren’t entirely rid of it yet).  LB caught it first, followed by Jason, then LG, and me.  Any parents who have tended to their sick kids, while sick themselves, know how tough it can be.  When miserable days and sleepless nights start adding up, you stay focused on the kids, sometimes at the expense of your own recovery.  But, through it all, Jason and I have been parenting our butts off.  After fourteen days, LB is completely better (except for a minor lingering cough).  Jason is finally starting to feel (and sound) human again after thirteen days.  LG and I are on day eleven of this thing, and she’s almost out of the woods.  Kids are so resilient!  On the other hand, I still sound like I could hack up a lung.

In my last post, I set three goals for this portion of our Whole 30: drink more water, exercise, and improve cooking efficiency.  The water hasn’t been a problem, since I always tend to drink more water when I’m sick. The only workout I’ve managed during this section of The Whole 30 is coughing, and if the soreness in my abs is any indication, you may see me on the DVD cover for Rock Solid Mom Abs 4.  As for my cooking efficiency, I’ve made precisely zero improvements.  Thankfully I spent all of Day 9 cooking and storing prepared food, so we’ve had plenty to get us through this rough patch.  It’s also been an unexpected benefit to not be able to taste food, because we’ve had to rely on simple things like hard cooked eggs and handfuls of super spinach.  I didn’t make much progress on my goals, so I’m going to keep them the same for our final ten days on The Whole 30.

Jason:  Giving us a tiny edge on food-prep, I pressure canned four quarts and five pints of beef before I fell ill.  It takes a few hours in the initial preparation and canning, but it provided us with at least a dozen main courses at around $2.50 per “serving”.  Both of my grandmothers (and my mom) canned beef, and it was one of my favorite comfort foods as a kid.  It’s just a beef roast, cut into pieces, add optional salt to taste – and the rest is the magic of pressure canning/cooking. 

Aside from being sick, Jason and I are feeling pretty amazing.  We’ve noticed a marked improvement in our moods, energy, and lack of physical discomfort.  Our cravings are gone. Our clothes are becoming loose.  Our joints don’t hurt.  We’re confident that we’ll be able to sustain this lifestyle long after The Whole 30.

I’ll check back in with our results after Day 30!

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